Welcome to Tyndall AFB Outdoor Recreational Program


Crooked Island East Beach Access is now OPEN! Construction to fix the access road, parking lot and boardwalk are complete.  Enjoy!   

As always,  DOGS & BICYCLES ARE PROHIBITED ON TYNDALL BEACHES.  This is to ensure the safety of our many endangered species.

Post Hurricane Michael Recreation Map


The 2023-2024 Hunting Regulations have been signed and permits are now available for purchase. Pay special attention to the Access section of the regulations, which have changed. Also pay attention to General Hunting Regulations rule # 6 and 12.




It is your responsibility to read, understand and abide by these regulations.  Purchase of your permit is your acceptance of these regulations.

Please email udg_325ces_recreation@us.af.mil with any questions.

A Recreational Permit is required by all non-DoD personnel, age 16 years and older, to access Tyndall AFB property, including Crooked Island East Beach, Davis Beach Boat Launch and DuPont Bridge Boat Launch, for recreation.

DoD personnel are defined as Active Duty Military, Reserve, National Guard, DoD Civilians, Retired Military, Retired DoD Civilians, their dependents, and DoD Contractors with a current DoD identification card with base wide access. Individuals who are members of the public and are not affiliated with the DoD are herein referred to as non-DoD.

Starting 09/08/2023 no new DBIDS cards will be issued for Non-DoD Recreation Permit holders. This limits access to Non-DoD recreation to areas outside of the guarded gates (controlled perimeter) unless escorted by a DoD individual.


**Please see Regulations for detailed information on Hunting, Fishing, and General Recreation on Tyndall AFB**. 


How to get your iSportsman permit:

  1. Determine what state permits you need for the activity and make those purchases before purchasing any Tyndall permit.  For example, you must have your FWC hunting license before purchasing Tyndall hunting permits.
  2. Register an account with iSportsman (if you have not previously).  Click "Register" in the blue bar above.
  3. At the end of registration click "Aquire Permits".
  4. Purchase available permits.  All sales are final - No refunds.
  5. Print your permit and carry it, along with applicable State Permits, when participating in hunting, fishing and general recreation on Tyndall AFB.

How to gain access through Tyndall AFB gates (West Unit) for hunting:

This is not required of Military or DoD individuals with base access.

  1. Follow the above steps "How to get your iSportsman permit". Once you have a Hunting Permit...
  2. Proceed to the Security Forces Visitor Control Center, Bldg 2580 on any Tuesday (only).  There, you will fill out a background check form and present 2 forms of ID (one must be a photo ID). 
  3. Once your background check has cleared (usually 20 minutes) your picture will be taken and DBIDS (gate pass) will be issued.
  4. The DBIDS card grants you access through the SABRE GATE only for the purpose of hunting.
  5. Access to West Unit hunting areas is through Sabre Gate ONLY. No Non-DoD hunters may access the support area of the base. DO NOT proceed southeast past the intersection of DeJarnette & Beacon Beach.  Any Non-DoD hunter who proceeds southeast past this intersection is tresspassing and will have their hunting priveleges and DBIDS cards revoked.

Problems or Questions?

Call (850) 527-2009 or email udg_325ces_recreation@us.af.mil

IN PERSON PERMIT SALES at the HUNTER CHECK STATION, Building 4027, Next to Gate, Across Hywy 98 from Visitor Center

 Tuesdays Only, 0830 -1130 hours

 Visitor Center: (850)283-2043 or (850)283-2042