Welcome to Tyndall AFB Outdoor Recreational Program


**Please see Regulations for detailed information on Hunting, Fishing, and General Recreation on Tyndall AFB**. 

All Hunters will need to obtain a "hard card" from Natural Resources before they can obtain a Hunt Block pass.**

Due to unforeseen site conditions, firewood permits will not be available this season.

**NOTE: If you have already purchased your permit, you will receive your hard card at the hunting check station when you check in for the first time to hunt.


How to get your iSportsman permit


  1. Non-DoD individuals must undergo a background check before purchasing a permit.  To get started, complete this form and submit, along with a photo copy of your driver's license, to the Security Forces Visitor Control Center, Bldg 2580, or via email (325SFS2586@us.af.mil), fax (850)283-2202, or mail to 325 SFS  Attn:  Pass & Registration, 515 Suwannee Rd, Tyndall AFB, FL 32403. Hand delivery is the most reliable form of submission.
  2. Register an account with iSportsman immediately after submitting a background check form.
  3. You will be notified by Natural Resources of the results of the background check no later than two weeks after submission.
  4. Upon cleared background check, Natural Resources will "enable" your account to complete your permit purchase.  Please print your permit and carry it when participating in Tyndall Hunting, Fishing, and General Recreation.
  5. For non-DoD members accessing West Unit, a DBIDS card is required from the Visitor Center, Bldg 2580.  Please bring your printed permit (hunters require hard card) and 2 forms of identification (one must be a photo ID).  Click here for list of acceptable IDs/documents.




Problems or Questions?

Call (850) 283-2822 or email udg_325ces_recreation@us.af.mil

Permit Sales from Natural Resources Bldg 1260

Tuesdays Only:

 8:30-11AM & Noon - 3PM

To check the status of your  background check, contact the VCC at (850)283-4191 or (850)283-4070


DoD and non-DoD:

Determine what state and/or federal licenses and permits you need for the activity and make those purchases before purchasing any Tyndall permit.


Register to create your Tyndall-iSportsman account.

Once you have clearance and the appropriate state and federal permits, you may then select which Tyndall permit(s) you would like to purchase.  Purchases made through iSportsman are non-refundable.